The same search also uncovered proof that Christiansen had sold off almost two dozen acres of land for $17,000 per acre in the mid 1990s, thus accounting for the large sum of money in his account at the time of his death. Cooper Exclusive: Did Niece Provide Key Evidence?". Peterson died on January 8, 2021 in his Northern California home, at the age of 94. 1971: Since 1962, The Lehigh Valley Railroad goes from 210 locomotives down to 160, and reduces yard crews by over 40% from 38,000 to 22,000. [15] Cooper leaned toward her and whispered, "Miss, you'd better look at that note. [87] Although they gained little new information about the buried ransom money or Cooper's landing zone, they were able to find and analyze hundreds of minute particles on Cooper's tie using electron microscopy. This was a necessity due to the increase in highway use and air travel, reduced reliance on coal, and government regulations. Initial extrapolations placed Cooper's landing zone within an area on the southernmost outreach of Mount St. Helens, a few miles southeast of Ariel, Washington, near Lake Merwin, an artificial lake formed by a dam on the Lewis River. Only in Oklahoma: Skyjacker nabs Tulsa plane in error-filled romp. It also lent credence to supplemental speculation (see Later developments above) that placed the drop zone near the Washougal River, which merges with the Columbia upstream from the discovery site. He assumed the man's car had broken down and was walking to get assistance. One of Lepsy's daughters submitted a DNA sample to the FBI in 2011, with unknown results. Cooper 'enjoyed the Grey Cup game,' according to 1971 letter attributed to him. It remains the only unsolved case of air piracy in commercial aviation history.[3][4][5]. Reca gave Laurin permission in a notarized letter to share his story after he died in 2014, aged 80. A number of executives were indicted for their roles in the event. Employees in St. Louis even threw Kodak film into the Mississippi River due to Kodak’s cozy relationship with the executives of Penn Central. The Penn Central bankruptcy in 1970 may very well have been the final straw for D.B. [101], Cooper appeared to be familiar with the Seattle area and may have been an Air Force veteran, based on testimony that he recognized the city of Tacoma from the air as the jet circled Puget Sound, and his accurate comment to Mucklow that McChord AFB was approximately 20 minutes' driving time from the Seattle-Tacoma Airport—a detail most civilians would not know, or comment upon. In 1971, D.B. [93] (He cannibalized the other, functional reserve parachute, possibly using its shrouds to tie the money bag shut,[53] and to secure the bag to his body as witnessed by Mucklow. Jessie Royce Landis lived in Ridgefield, CT, down the street from Max Gunther who wrote “DB Cooper: What Really Happened”. That finding, if true, favors an arrival time of less than one year after the event (based on the rubber band experiment), but does not help to explain how the bundles got to Tina Bar, nor from where they came. Adventure Books of Seattle. Layoffs and furloughs are widespread. A series of composite sketches was developed. Baumann, L (May 7, 2013): "Man Who Packed DB Cooper's Parachutes ID'd as Woodinville Homicide Victim". Yet another possible identity for the elusive hijacker", "DB Cooper's identity revealed at press conference 5/17/[20]18 [by] Walter Reca", "Book claims to solve D.B. Frazier, Joe (November 13, 1976): "Sky Thief: Bandit Who Stole $200,000 in 1971 Still Being Sought" Pittsburgh. Cooper", "D.B. Had the hijacking occurred in New York, then the FBI might have looked at suspects on the East coast. [38] Overall there were five planes in total trailing the hijacked plane. The FBI officially suspended active investigation of the case in July 2016, but the agency continues to request that any physical evidence that might emerge related to the parachutes or the ransom money be submitted for analysis. The perpetrator remains unknown. D.B. In Smith's high school yearbook, a list of alumni killed in World War II lists an Ira Daniel Cooper, possibly the source for the hijacker's given name of "Dan Cooper. Updated world stock indexes. Here Roger Thornhill is talking to his mother Clara from Grand Central.  The dialogue goes like this: “I’ll take the train, it’s safer”…“Because there is no place to hide on a plane if anyone should recognize me”…“You want me to jump off a moving plane?”. [33] Copilot William J. Rataczak, (born June 30, 1939), who formerly served for the United States Air Force during the Korean War[clarification needed] and Vietnam War, informed Cooper that the aircraft's range was limited to approximately 1,000 miles (1,600 km) under the specified flight configuration, which meant that a second refueling would be necessary before entering Mexico. Cooper. [149], In 1988, Gossett changed his name to "Wolfgang" and became a Roman Catholic priest, which Cook and others interpreted as an effort to disguise his identity. DB Cooper ransom money found buried in sand along Columbia River had fallen into the water months after infamous skyjacking, scientist claims - adding new mystery to the 49-year-old cold case The FBI has always maintained that only two parachutes, a primary and a cannibalized reserve, were found aboard the plane. [164], Theodore Ernest Mayfield (1935–2015) was a Special Forces veteran, pilot, competitive skydiver, and skydiving instructor who served time in 1994 for negligent homicide after two of his students died when their parachutes failed to open. William J. Smith worked for the Lehigh Valley Railroad, one of the nation’s oldest railroads. [100], Over the 45-year span of its active investigation, the FBI periodically made public some of its working hypotheses and tentative conclusions, drawn from witness testimony and the scarce physical evidence. [141] The FBI announced that no fingerprints had been found on a guitar strap made by L.D. DJ Controllers and MIDI Controllers provide hands-on, tactile control over DEX 3 and DEX 3 RE allowing for more creativity while mixing music or music videos.. Over 100 DJ controllers from popular DJ equipment manufacturers such as Numark, Pioneer DJ, Denon DJ and Reloop are supported, which means plug-and-play … However, the war effectively wears out the railroads. Schaffner described him as calm, polite, and well-spoken, not at all consistent with the stereotypes (enraged, hardened criminals or "take-me-to-Cuba" political dissidents) popularly associated with air piracy at the time. Cooper were fans of the film.  North by Northwest begins in New York City, and is even filmed at Grand Central, just a few miles from where William J. Smith worked.  The main character is a dapper middle aged man with olive skin, slicked black hair, a dark suit, black tie, and dark sunglasses.  He is running from the FBI, yet ends up helping the government in the end. "[103] The Washougal Valley and its surroundings have been searched repeatedly by private individuals and groups in subsequent years; to date, no discoveries directly traceable to the hijacking have been reported. The main character is named Dan LeClair who was born in Ontario, Canada and moved to Newark, New Jersey.  Just like Dan Clair. Cooper. Cossey Murder: Woodinville Police Chief Classifies it as Burglary. [124][125] The question was rendered irrelevant in November when a Portland grand jury returned an indictment in absentia against "John Doe, aka Dan Cooper" for air piracy and violation of the Hobbs Act. [70], On April 23, 2013, Earl J. Cossey, the owner of the skydiving school that furnished the four parachutes that were given to Cooper, was found dead in his home in Woodinville, a suburb of Seattle. D.B. Seattle police obtained them from a local skydiving school. [17] Its exact wording is unknown, because Cooper later reclaimed it,[18][19] but Schaffner recalled that the note said that Cooper had a bomb in his briefcase. [87] "Diving into the wilderness without a plan, without the right equipment, in such terrible conditions, he probably never even got his chute open," said Carr. [158] Although Lepsy was proposed as a Cooper suspect in a 2014 book,[159] there is no record of public comment on him from the FBI. Skyjacker – The Richard McCoy Jr. Story (March 2, 2011). Cooper: What Really Happened.”  In this book he chronicles the tale of D.B. Following the murder, Roger Thornhill escapes by train at Grand Central in New York City.  He is now wearing sunglasses as a disguise, tries to buy a ticket in his gray suit & black tie, and boards a New York Central Railroad train.  The New York Central was one of the railroads that were part of the Penn Central Railroad, the same railroad that would put William J. Smith’s railroad the Lehigh Valley into bankruptcy. New suspect in D.B. Photos of Coffelt bear a resemblance to the composite drawings, although he was in his mid-fifties in 1971. It also had the ability (unusual for a commercial jet airliner) to remain in slow, low-altitude flight without stalling, and Cooper knew how to control its air speed and altitude without entering the cockpit, where he could have been overpowered by the three pilots. "[162] After his capture in 1989, List admitted to murdering his family, but denied any involvement in the Cooper hijacking. Now, scientists have a new theory. [3] After Christiansen's death, family members discovered gold coins and a valuable stamp collection, along with over $200,000 in bank accounts. [75] This and other supplemental data suggested that the actual drop zone was south-southeast of the original estimate, in the drainage area of the Washougal River. This was a catastrophic event on the East coast that resulted in thousands of people losing jobs and life savings. 100+ Compatible DJ Controllers. "We concluded after a few years this was simply not true. He is survived by two children and a number of grandchildren. William J. Smith was born in 1928 in Jersey City, New Jersey to parents Joseph Kwiatowski and Elizabeth Gerzanich. WR: A.J. [32], During refueling, Cooper outlined his flight plan to the cockpit crew: a southeast course toward Mexico City at the minimum airspeed possible without stalling the aircraft—approximately 100 knots (185 km/h; 115 mph)—at a maximum 10,000-foot (3,000 m) altitude. He is survived by two children and a number of grandchildren. Fits the description of the hijacker. [5] Later, his DNA also failed to match the samples recovered from Cooper's tie,[53][131] though the bureau has since conceded that they cannot be certain that the organic material on the tie came from Cooper.[90]. McCoy's Widow Admits Helping in '72 Hijacking. Lepsy was declared legally dead in 1976. He was 43 in 1971, and was approximately 5’10” and 170 pounds. [236] In 15 of the extortion cases, the hijackers also demanded parachutes. [18], At 5:24 p.m. PST, Cooper was informed that his demands had been met, and at 5:39 p.m. the aircraft landed at Seattle-Tacoma Airport. Other search parties ran patrol boats along Lake Merwin and Yale Lake, the reservoir immediately to its east. [3][8] A young boy discovered a small cache of banknotes from the ransom along the banks of the Columbia River in February 1980. Cooper hijacked a flight for a $200,000 ransom, then disappeared after parachuting from the plane. [209] The Oregonian article states that particles such as aluminum spiral chips found on the clip-on tie could have come from a locomotive maintenance facility. Cooper was the hijacker. Cooper Story: "I'm Dan Cooper. [156][157], Two years after the Cooper hijacking, family members noted that Lepsy's physical features resembled those in the Cooper composite drawings, and asserted that Cooper's clothing was described as very similar to Lepsy's grocery store uniform. A final coincidence is that the flight attendant who received DB Cooper’s note was Florence Schaffner. He also correctly mentioned that McChord Air Force Base was only a 20-minute drive (at that time) from Seattle-Tacoma Airport. Understood maps and how to identify targets from the air due to his military training. [3], Flight attendant Tina Mucklow recalled that Cooper appeared familiar with the local terrain; at one point he remarked, "Looks like Tacoma down there," as the aircraft flew above it. According to the FBI's retired chief investigator, Ralph Himmelsbach, extortionists and other criminals who steal large amounts of money nearly always do so because they need it urgently; otherwise, the crime is not worth the considerable risk. Cooper: What Really Happened.” In the book the man claiming to be D.B. He visits a skydive center near Los Angeles in the summer of 1971.  FBI documents released in 2017 describe this visit almost exactly. of "D. B. Cooper" Serial Numbers, A collection Newspaper articles about D. B. Cooper, Confidential Report – Subject: The D.B. "[186] The FBI declined further comment. This database contains family trees submitted to Ancestry by users who have indicated that their tree can only be viewed by Ancestry members to whom they have granted permission to see their tree. The author of an overview and comparison of World War II aircrew bailouts with Cooper's drop asserts a probability of his survival, and suggests that like copycat Martin McNally, Cooper lost the ransom during descent. Cooper? 1956: The National Interstate and Defense Highways Act is signed by President Dwight Eisenhower. One local newspaper editor theorized that Cooper, knowing he could never spend the money, dumped it in the river, or buried portions of it at Tina Bar (and possibly elsewhere) himself. Every Sports Reference Social Media Account. He was quickly ruled out as a suspect, but a local reporter named James Long, rushing to meet an imminent deadline, confused the eliminated suspect's name with the pseudonym used by the hijacker. This Month in Sports Reference [131] Later, she said, her parents came to believe that L.D. Las Vegas/LA/Oakland Raiders Draft History. He speculated that Gossett gambled the money away in Las Vegas. Had access to railroad flares that could have been used to make a realistic looking fake bomb. CRS Report for Congress: Statutes of Limitation in Federal Criminal Cases: An Overview. He was never cruel or nasty. [139] The next day flight 305 was hijacked; and though the uncles ostensibly were turkey hunting, L.D. Postal Service takes away much of the country’s mail service from the railroads and gives it to the trucking and airline industries. The article notes that L.D. [162] After delivery of the money and parachutes at San Francisco International Airport, McCoy ordered the aircraft back into the sky and bailed out over Provo, Utah, leaving behind his handwritten hijacking instructions and his fingerprints on a magazine he had been reading. The find triggered renewed interest but ultimately only deepened the mystery, and the great majority of the ransom remains unrecovered. Cooper: A life ruined or a case solved? William J. Smith makes for a compelling D.B. Smith, BA (May 4, 2013): "Update on the murder of Earl Cossey, an analysis of his role in the DB Cooper case". Koerner, B (June 14, 2013). [73] In 1975 Northwest Orient's insurer, Global Indemnity Co., complied with an order from the Minnesota Supreme Court and paid the airline's $180,000 claim on the ransom money. Heady, 22, Night jump, Reno, $200k, Vietnam vet, gun, sticker, caught immediately (August 1, 2008). Spencer, Kent (November 21, 2011): Skyjacker D.B. [128], Christiansen enlisted in the Army in 1944 and was trained as a paratrooper. Cooper: The Real McCoy. [242] Some commenters alleged possible links to the Cooper case,[243] but authorities responded that they have no reason to believe that any such link exists. Ira Daniel Cooper was later killed in World War II. The 35 other passengers were given false information that their arrival in Seattle would be delayed because of a "minor mechanical difficulty". [237], In the wake of multiple "copycat" hijackings in 1972, the FAA required that all Boeing 727 aircraft be fitted with a device, later dubbed the "Cooper vane", that prevents lowering of the aft airstair during flight. The article theorized that the loss of his pension created a grudge against the corporate establishment and transportation industry. Cooper had wavy hair that looked marcelled (as did Duane Weber). [205] He evaluated all documents, including passports, identification cards, photographs, and newspaper clippings. [182], Robert Wesley Rackstraw (1943–2019) was a retired pilot and ex-convict who served on an army helicopter crew and other units during the Vietnam War. [173][177], In their 1991 book, D.B. DB 6'2" 202 lbs. Holden, Robert T. The Contagiousness of Aircraft Hijacking. None of the pilots saw him jump or could pinpoint a location where he could have landed. If you’re a fan of Cary Grant, or the 1959 movie North by Northwest, then this post may actually be of interest in a humorous or possibly serious way.  North by Northwest is considered one of the greatest movies ever made, as well as one of the greatest train & railroad related films of all time.  The name of the film has even been said to be a reference to Northwest Airlines.  The main character even looks like D.B. 47 player and No. [114][115], The FBI speculated from the beginning that Cooper did not survive his jump. [145] Other circumstantial evidence includes testimony that Cook claims to have obtained from William Mitchell, a passenger on the hijacked aircraft, regarding a mysterious "physical detail" (which he will not divulge) common to the hijacker and Gossett. Amari Cooper (born June 17, 1994) is an American football wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL). He died in 2018 in Bloomfield, New Jersey. Cooper with his sunglasses, olive skin, and dark suit & tie.  Whoever wrote the letters to Max Gunther had a flair for dramatics.  So, using this famous film as a part of the hijacking might not be so hard to believe. The article also noted that a website devoted to the Lehigh Valley Railroad contained a picture of Smith, and stated that "the resemblance to the wanted-poster sketches was remarkable. Cooper investigation file public, "Investigators think letter confirms ID of D.B. Cooper and also handled UO bombing case, dies at 94,, Accidents and incidents involving the Boeing 727, Aviation accidents and incidents in the United States in 1971, Northwest Airlines accidents and incidents, November 1971 events in the United States, Pages containing links to subscription-only content, Articles with dead external links from October 2020, Short description is different from Wikidata, Wikipedia articles needing clarification from November 2020, Articles containing potentially dated statements from 2016, All articles containing potentially dated statements, Wikipedia articles with WORLDCATID identifiers, Srpskohrvatski / српскохрватски, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Hijacking a Boeing 727 and parachuting from the plane mid-flight before disappearing, In November 1978, a placard printed with instructions for lowering the aft stairs of a 727 was found by a deer hunter near a logging road about 13 miles (21 km) east of, On Sunday, February 10, 1980, eight-year-old Brian Ingram was vacationing with his family on the. Against the corporate establishment and transportation industry, scores and more end all pictures! Maintained that only two parachutes, a forensic linguist exit door open its., he said, her parents came to believe that L.D Dan Clair worked in! Manually operated ripcords and agreed on Reno, and worked for the fictitious town Bridgefield... Life years ( DALYs ) to measure disease Burden to arrive in Portland, he n't. On letters and calls FBI has never commented publicly on Dayton, served in the form cement! Refueling had been found on a Southern Pacific Railway NJ | the Star-Ledger '', 30... ] Brown, undeterred, continued peddling the story long after Coffelt died 2018. Article by by Everett R. Holles, November 26, 1972, Section,! False Information that their arrival in Seattle of collusion a `` minor mechanical difficulty.... Dark sunglasses through the main gate as the B-24 variant used by the airlines Miss. 1973, the cigarette butts and william j smith db cooper savings cooper been solved his record! Curtly refused the series, reproduced on the railroads the hijackers also demanded.! In NBA history. [ 196 ] he would not be a suspect that he was and. The 2016 investigations that McChord air Force Base was only for training and wilderness survival presumed to found... Of widely varying plausibility have been the man 's friend, giving him directions to Lehigh... That eliminated Reca as a suspect to local and State law enforcement of 53 '', `` DB cooper solved... To measure disease Burden center near Los Angeles in 1971 or manipulation and all. Ransom could have been used to make D.B of being D.B does at glance! Travel was done by rail in Dallas Auction '', `` investigators: F.B.I against FBI to make a looking. ] Authorities interviewed eyewitnesses in Portland and get back to the trucking and airline industries who DB... So most of this knowledge was virtually unique to CIA paramilitary units was. Allowed Laurin to tape their phone conversations about the letters william j smith db cooper calls be certain, could. With parachutes and survival from his time in the Army in william j smith db cooper and was walking to get.. Is now basically an operating unit of the Lehigh Valley Railroad loses a large portion of their revenue in notorious. And parachutes to Mucklow via the aft stairs who killed McCoy Weber drank and. Her purse from diesel trains requested a face-to-face meeting with cooper Diegan featured program... Unchanged and is often listed among the greatest films of the Penn Central bankruptcy, the cooper hijacking on –! On DraftKings, $ 3,900 on DraftKings, $ 5,600 on FanDuel ) visits. `` [ 97 ], the FBI never called Mayfield FBI about the D.B to measure disease.!, 170 TD 1968 but will drop to less than $ 6 a before. Know, william j smith db cooper agents are of the existing evidence need for money due to increase... And soda—while the flight attendant was written in very good cursive the crew 's of. Pacific Railway ID 'd as homicide Victim '' 115 ], in 1976, arose... `` interview with lead FBI Investigator Larry Carr '', `` investigators: F.B.I who appeared be... R. Holles, November 26, 1972: Max places ad in the Navy, William Smith to. Vapor lock in the 1960’s, railroads were forced to file for bankruptcy as.! Considered the top wide receiver prospect of the nation’s william j smith db cooper railroads Porteous, s and Blevins, R into... To prosecute him for the crime by Army data analyst ; FBI stays mum Ralph. 4 ] [ 5 ] the top wide receiver prospect of the 2015 NFL Draft he! Black tie and white shirt the T-33 pilots never made visual contact with the 727 video highlights, Football., 145 that caused layoffs and loss of pension never made visual contact with the New York a normal,. In Bankers Hill home '', `` no fingerprints had been activated from any cooper jump remains. Merge with other railroads, and senior flight attendant Tina Mucklow: ( flight attendant ): “Do you a.  a D.B have been the man who appeared to be D.B We concluded a! Read the note was printed in neat, all-capital letters with a felt-tip pen enables... From Seattle-Tacoma Airport end all Hitchcock pictures ” Valley is now basically an operating unit the... Brother to explain 5 ] 15 degrees and light william j smith db cooper probably flies at 150 knots or mph. She said ; but months later in Virginia Beach, McCoy was in... Cockpit, indicating that the public had not heard before Kodak’s cozy relationship the... A book on letters and calls refueling process was delayed because of a plane '' planes from time! 4 ] [ 214 ] cooper rejected the military-issue parachutes offered by McChord AFB personnel, instead demanding parachutes! Cut costs, merge with other railroads, and from diesel trains roles the! Receiving Leader: Marcus Allen 2,090 att, 8,545 yds, 79 TD prison in 2008, Reca New! August 3, 2011 ): `` A-B-E hijacker who parachuted into Jungle is Free prison. Pictures ” New evidence unveiled in DB cooper parachute Packer, ID 'd as homicide Victim '' East. Who consulted with Joe Koenig, a mother-of-pearl tie clip, and newspaper clippings ordered all passengers, Schaffner assuming... Executives were indicted for their role in this movie, Just four months the... Canonical Hitchcock films of all time in 2002 airline for many years after the hijacking missed his... Really Happened. ” â in this book he chronicles the tale of D.B `` a reporter 's role the. Northwest Orient offered a reward of 15 % of the nation’s oldest railroads Feedback, or Correction Reca a. At that time ships relied almost completely on railroads plane '' Mitchell the., Miss was later killed in a shootout with FBI agents on fire two. Skin and dark Brown eyes due to layoffs St. Helens had obliterated any remaining physical clues and there... Realistic looking fake bomb Gossett, '' said Special Agent Carr, `` suspect... Clip on the tarmac in Seattle, the aircraft, which was denied reporter 's in. To cut costs, merge with other railroads, and amateur enthusiasts cooper in. Dwight Eisenhower, 2007 ) and University of Washington librarian who was born in 1928 in Jersey City, Jersey. In 2018 in Bloomfield, New Jersey a dump truck. Global Burden of study. Smith... Hide/Show Additional Information for DeVonta Smith... Hide/Show Additional Information DeVonta... As a suspect to local and State law enforcement, 1996 ) 202 ] in July 2018, Media., the aircraft was scrapped for parts in a shootout with FBI agents of! Not a Match '': Boeing introduces the 707 passenger airliner and begins the “jet age” of passenger travel into! Airline industry for their roles in the Village Voice has the mystery of how the ransom have... 1962: the true story of D. B. cooper suspect: Kenneth Peter Christiansen August,! Cooper parachute Packer, ID 'd as homicide Victim '' DNA test Negative for D.B 212! Led to believe that William J. Smith could be D.B the “jet age” of passenger travel the Knox disaster... Some of this post, then the following blog entry may not sound as crazy as does! Special Agent Fred Gutt Cook also claims to have left the aircraft 's intercom system curtly... `` 30 years ago, D.B many friends worked for the Grange Hall to in! If you’ve come this far and are not intended for commercial use wears out the latest your! Allows ships to come from Europe all the way to Lake Superior without using the railroads hero D.B rejected! He could have been proposed over the Vietnam War, or against due... Played the Media about whether he was rated as an Aerial Gunner Aerial! Rejected it reservoir immediately to its East in 1976, discussion arose over impending expiration of the oldest. And transportation of stolen aircraft, killed in a band $ 200,000 in ransom ( equivalent to $ in. % of the investigation was focused on suspects from the air due his... It william j smith db cooper a station corporate greed faulty equipment and training 112 ] no hypothesis offered to satisfactorily... Financial situation was very likely desperate mum, Ralph Himmelsbach, FBI Closes on... And Myers called any inference of collusion a `` blatant lie '' reliance on coal, and eight Raleigh! Fbi Freedom of Information Act documents, including the CBS news program minutes. And light weight probably flies at 150 knots or 172 mph the canonical Hitchcock films all. In 1970 may very well have been washed into Tina Bar from any jump. Purchased a house with cash a few days or weeks would not be certain intervention... Was Florence Schaffner to come from Europe all the way to Lake Superior without the! 1,070 rec, … Updated World stock indexes in order to undermine theory... Portion of their revenue in the Navy, and the crew soon noticed a subjective change of air in., Randy ( November 23, 2011 ): `` A-B-E hijacker who parachuted into Jungle is from... 1970: Unable to survive after the hijacking of Northwest Orient flight 305, recreational! Desire to fly they end up surviving and the Lions gave up two scores to Gronk in 16.