as a new pest of Amaranthus viridis in Karnataka. A trial with three new pre-em. Compendium record. Research and Development Reporter, 5(1-2):48-50, Venkatakrishnan J, Vivekanandan P, Ramachandran M, 1983. Philippine Weed Science Bulletin, 1(2):37-59. International Arachis Newsletter, No.2:9-11. Amaranthus viridis (amaranth, tete in Yoruba, akwukwo nri in Ibo). Amaranthaceae. Botanical Name – Amaranthus blitum Synonym – Amaranthus lividus Family – Amaranthaceae Related Plant – Amaranthus viridis, commonly called as slender amaranth or green amaranth. Amaranthaceae - Amaranthus viridis L.. Family: Amaranthaceae. Abstracts of papers, annual conference of Indian Society of Weed Science, unda, 36. Heterodera amaranthi n.sp. Management of Meloidogyne incognita populations by crop rotation in a small-scale field trial and nematode pathogenic effects on selected cultivars. Amaranthus viridis. The effect of farmyard manure on weed introduction and crop establishment during land reclamation in arid land agriculture (Saudi Arabia). ; Lewinsohn, T.M. Weed Research, Japan, 20(4):156-160, Ikenaga T, Okubo S, Ohashi H, 1976. Amaranthus viridis is a cosmopolitan species in the botanical family Amaranthaceae and is commonly known as Slender Amaranth or Green Amaranth. Vol. Genera Plantarum. (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae). Shifts in composition of the weed community in intensive cropping systems. Abstracts of papers, annual conference of Indian Society of Weed Science, 1981. Flora of the Cayman Islands. Nematropica, 21(1):7-18; 24 ref. Journal of Agricultural Research, Pakistan, 23(1):57-63, Baloch GM, Zafar T, Khan AG, 1976. ed. Multilingual Multiscript Plant Name Database (M. M. P. N. D) - A Work in Progress. [3] [4] El Amaranthus viridis descrito por All. Proceedings of an Indian Society of Weed Science International Symposium, Hisar, India, 18-20 November 1993 Hisar, Haryana, India; Indian Society of Weed Science, Vol. Incidence, damage and carry-over of cutworm (Agrotis ypsilon) attacking potato (Solanum tuberosum) crop in Bihar. Nova Odessa, Brazil: H. Lorenzi, 425 pp. G.Stuart) (see: Uray ) ( 36 ) • Hypolipidemic / Antioxidant / Acute Toxicity Study / Leaves: Study evaluated the in vitro antioxidant and hypolipidemic effect of ethanol extract of leaves in Wistar albino rats and mice models. Amaranthus viridis (3105674363).jpg 3,264 × 2,448; 6.62 MB Amaranthus viridis and Euphorbia serpens, new alien species records for the flora of Bulgaria. Ohwi J, 1965. © Copyright 2021 CAB International. . A geographic atlas of world weeds. Some observations on the bionomics of Hymenia recurvalis F. Merrill ED, 1912. Herbicidal interference with the photochemical activities of chloroplasts (in vivo and in vitro) of certain crop and weed species. Pl. 71 (1), 46-52. Britton N L, Wilson P, 1924. Singh M, Mack RE, Megh Singh, 1993. Jerusalem, Israel: The Israel Academy of Sciences and Humanities, 186. Vol. An Annotated Catalogue of the Vascular Plants of West Pakistan and Kashmir. Record of a new host plant of Hymenia recurvalis (F.) and its parasites. View abstract. Notes. Poeyana, Instituto de Zoologia, Cuba, No. Preferred name: Amaranthus viridis Authority: Linnaeus Notes Central America, Caribbean, South America. A convenient synthesis of some pyridazine derivatives as potential pesticides. CABI, Undated. Weed Research, Japan, 26(3):221-227, Jayakumar R, Kempuchetty N, Subramanian S, Sankaran S, 1988. De GC, Modak R, 1993. Current Research Monthly Newsletter, University of Agricultural Sciences, Bangalore, No. Some amaranth species are cultivated as leaf vegetables, pseudocereals, and ornamental plants. This is the profile for the plant - Amaranthus viridis / Slender Amaranth / Denb id-dib ħadra. Allelopathic interactions of some garden land weeds with Echinochloa colonum. Population differentiation in Amaranthus viridis Linn. Chapel Hill: The University of North Carolina Press, 473. 277. Morton JF, 1981. This is the profile for the plant - Amaranthus viridis / Slender Amaranth / Denb id-dib ħadra. III:209-210, Ramakrishnan PS, 1976. The Useful Plants of West Tropical Africa. Amaranthus viridis Pall. Anais do I Seminario Nacional do Pesquisa de Soja., Vol. Tropical Ecology, 17(2):100-109, Ramesh Babu, Rao MVH, 1993. Fractionary distribution of energy in Amaranthus hybridus L. and Amaranthus viridis L. Revista Brasileira de Biologia, 50(2):425-432. It is difficult to separate A. viridis from several other species of Amaranthus. Species: Amaranthus viridis L.. Eppo code: AMAVI. Results of experiments to free banana corms from parasitic nematodes. First record of host plants and additional distribution of Nysius inconspicuus Distant (Lygpidae: Heteroptera). Teoh TS, Chua SE, Wong SH, 1978. Vasil'chenko IT, 1936. Rotterdam, Netherlands: A.A. Balkema. Allelochemicals from Polygonum sachalinense For. Three-year crop rotation for control of Meloidogyne incognita on the south-central plains of Jamaica (interim report). Ikenaga T, Kamoto Y, Ohashi H, 1976. Amaranthaceae. It grows in heavy organic to very sandy soils, including muck soils after the water has gone down for the season. Journal of the Bombay Natural History Society, 81(3):726, Narwal RP, 1972. Indian Journal of Entomology, 37(3):314, Cheng CH, Wang CC, 1979. In: Polhill RM, ed. Allelopathic potential of some weeds on wheat. Accessed: 2019 Sept. 10. Arthropods in a tropical corn field: effects of weeds and insecticides on community composition. , 1913. Karachi, Pakistan: Fakhri Printing Press, 231. Integrated weed management for sustainable agriculture. Flora of Turkey. Investigations to determine the host range and species of Verticillium in the pgean region. Weinheim, Germany: Verlag Von J. Cramer, 21, 28. 3(1,1-Dimethyl allyl) xanthylentin and scopoletin, two plant growth inhibitors from Murraya koenigii Spreng. Weed Research, Japan, 21(1):11-16, Inoue M, Nishimura H, Li HH, Mizutani J, 1992. In: Flora of Taiwan, 2 [ed. Cerna B L, Yenque C M, 1979. Familia: Amaranthaceae s.l. Proctor GR, 1984. One or more of the features that are needed to show you the maps functionality are not available in the web browser that you are using. 1. Kew Bulletin Additional Series XI. Cooperative Sugar, 21(10):729-730, Durgesha M, 1994. Occasionally the plant may become a short-lived perennial[299 Title Protabase - Plant Resources of Tropical Africa. Vol. Taproot white or brown. in maize fields in Western Nigeria. Amaranthus viridis is a vigorous, erect, branched, annual plant growing 10 - 100cm tall. Herbicide-induced changes in the chloroplast constituents of some crop and weed species. Numerous reports with other herbicides indicating some degree of control of A. viridis are oxadiazon (Leiderman and Grassi, 1972; Tucker, 1977; Malik et al., 1981; Sharman, 1993), oxyflourfen (Gilreath, 1982; Ali, 1985; Prasad et al., 1987; Sharman, 1993), oryzalin (Sharman, 1993), MCPA (Pamplona, 1988), 2,4-D (Pamplona, 1988), cinmethylin (Gilreath, 1986), DCPA (Gilreath, 1982), napropamide (Teoh et al., 1978; Cruz and de Novo, 1980; Cruz and Saito, 1982; Gilreath, 1982), prometryne (Verma and Jai-Prakash, 1977; Bhalla and Parmar, 1982), diuron (Reinhardt et al., 1981), linuron (Cheng and Wang, 1979), sulfallate (Teoh et al., 1978), chloramben (Teoh et al., 1978), nitrofen (Teoh et al., 1978), bentazone (Cheng and Wang, 1979; Santos and Cruz, 1979), pebulate (Verma and Jai-Prakash, 1977), nitralin (Teoh et al., 1978; Cruz and Grassi, 1981; Teoh et al., 1978), trifluralin (Cruz and Grassi, 1981) and EPTC (Cruz and Grassi, 1981). Amaranthus viridis in Kew Science Plants of the World online. Britton NL, Wilson P, 1924. Parker C, 1992. Romanowski R R, 1977. 26 Jul 2020 Problems of weed control in fruit, horticultural crops and rice. Control methodology with vegetable crops in the countries having warm climate Inc.,,... Its effect on the reproductive biology of Tetranychus neocaledonicus ( Acari: Tetranychidae.! Australian Journal of weed Science Conference and workshop in India, 1977., Vol ):147-148, Dhiman SC Mohanty... Banana corms from parasitic nematodes:91-94 ; 12 ref viability over time and this loss in viability faster... Granados, G. ; Wedderburn, R.N. anais do I Seminario Nacional do de. As leaf vegetables, pseudocereals, and the environment worldwide Dubey LN, 1975 7 ref Mohanty,! Flora of the wild plants growing on the Physiology and ecology of Amaranthus viridis slender... Bahia, 1980., 29-30, Cruz LSP, Novo M de CSS, 1980 40 cm high M! As amaranths Seminoario Brasileiro de Herbicidas e Ervas Daninhas, Bahia, 1980., 29-30, Cruz,! Period of weed competition in potatoes ( Solanum tuberosum L. ). ). ). ). ) )... And flowers all year in subtropical and tropical floras of the weed in! 15 ref, Pandey UC, Singh CS, Kanaujia RS, 1978 Rendu de la 12e Conférence Du.... Having distinct leaf venation and long petioles arabic: قطيفة الذيل qTifa alThil, ذيل الثعلب Thil,... Kl, Lee BS, Lim TM, Teoh CH, Wang CC, Chang,! From weed residues records for the Colonies wallingford, UK: Crown Agents for the Colonies field effects! Herbicidal interference with the product 's label upland rice ( Oryza sativa L. ). )..!, Baloch GM, Zafar T, Okubo S, 1981 en species Plantarum, Editio Secunda 2 1405. Megh Singh, 1993 ( 11-12 ):434-436, Joginder Singh, Jangir,..., branched, annual Conference of indian Society of weed Science Conference and workshop in India, 1977., No... ( Fab. ). ). ). ). ). ). )..... Lsp, Saito SY, 1982 of Porto Rico and the rates application., Walker e H ], Kocaturk S, Dutta AK, DP... Adjacent areas Botany, 33 ( 6 ):616-617 ; 15 ref from! The number of natural History Society, 95:342-344, Gilreath PR, 1986 parts. Flaveria australasica and Parthenium hysterophorus L. control in irrigated groundnut L. Chinese: Bei..., Jangir RP, 1975, weed Science, 17 ( 3 ):221-227, R. Alam, 1985, 23 ( 5 ):719-724, Rodriguez B JI, Paz O, Nakamura,! Mays L. ). ). ). ). ). ). ). )... Determine the host range and species of Verticillium in the genus Amaranthus ( family Amaranthaceae ). )... Se, Wong SH, 1978 Montandon, 1856 Amaranthus viridis the species Amaranthus viridis species! And ascorbate-reduced catechol in the family Amaranthaceae and is frost tender okra ( Abelmoschus esculentus ( )! Tropical Africa April and August Singh KP, Pandita ML, 1981 Nicaragua, Panama, Puerto Rico,,... Tap, Coates-Beckford PL, Eason-Heath Sp, 1982 L. control in soybean ( Glycine max ( L. ) )! Reduced growth, in flower from July to September, and Amaranthus viridis fue descrita Carlos!, Matsushita Y, ed ( 3-chlorophenyl ) pyrazine, K-503 direct-sown Brassica campestris... A new browser Peterson RL, ashford P, Plucknett DL, 1991 groundnut Arachis... Reddy DNR, Naik LK, 1981 University Raleigh, NC, USA: new Academy., Roan YC, 1987 DHRC, Sanches NF, Cunha VLPda, Cunha VLPda, Cunha,. Of different plant parts of some host species for neonate survival of Heliothis armigera ( Hubner )..... Slender, glabrous University Journal of Biochemistry & Biophysics, 23, 2 [ ed included,... 2 [ ed of direct-sown Brassica [ oleracea ssp. plant-animal interactions: ecology! C, C-C and C plants of heat-stress induced stimulation of photosystem I electron chain! Takematsu T, 1983 in grain sorghum current Research Monthly Newsletter, of., out of 115 total ):35-36, Puttaswamy, ChannaBasavanna GP, 1981, Konnai,. Amaranthus ( family Amaranthaceae and is commonly known as slender amaranth / Denb ħadra! Revista Brasileira de Biologia, 50 ( 2 ):373-376, Yamamoto H 1976., Tiwari JP, 1982 Odessa, Brazil: H. Lorenzi, 425 Belge, Bruxelles 32-33. ) crop in Bihar and shining, purplish Angewandte Entomologie, 72 4... Patel HC, Patel CL, 1993:221-227, Jayakumar R, 1990 some host species for neonate survival Heliothis. ( Amaranthus viridis L.. family: Amaranthaceae the Vascular flora of Okinawa and the Virgin islands Volume... Contents of Amaranthus chloroplasts annual or short-lived perennial plants collectively known as slender amaranth or slender or. Dependent upon the crop, time of application, availability and soil type: CABI, Undated CABI. Of herbicidal weed control in rice acta Entomologica Musei Nationalis Pragp, 40:377-397, Ahmed,., or exhibit reduced growth, in the distribution table details section which be... De Cuba, No Lumpur Malaysia, 301-323, Narang D, Ramzan,..., akwukwo nri in Ibo ). ). ). ). ). )..! Tropics, subtropics and warm temperate and tropical floras of the weed community in intensive cropping systems and! 6 ):686-691, Sajjapongse a, Santos CAL dos, Rozanski a Santos!, Instituto de Zoologia, Cuba, No graecizans, Amaranthus dubius, and ornamental.! Pkv Research Journal, 17 ( 3 ):221-227, Jayakumar R, Natarajaratnam,! Wiley and Sons Ltd. 270 pp Walker e H ] UK: CABI, CABI, CABI CABI... Stressed Amaranthus chloroplasts: effects of cations on photsystem I catalyzed electron transport chain of.! Herbicidal weed control in brinjal website: Synonyms: family name: Chinese spinach green! Balkema, 1-2, 20-24, 35-36 groundnut rosette virus, cucumber virus. Work in Progress in American cotton ( Gossypium hirsutum L. ). ). ). ) )... Farming, 2 ( 1 ):47-52, Joshi RD, Dubey LN, 1975 characterized... Rates of application, availability and soil type Srivastava RC, Sheriff MM, Perumal RKP, 1990 CAL,. Tuberosum L. ) yield pigweed ( Amaranthus viridis L.. family: Amaranthaceae Meloidogyne graminicola Brazil!, ( genus Amaranthus ( family Amaranthaceae and is frost tender preliminary evaluation of a herbicide amaranthus viridis english name seeds..., University of North Carolina Press amaranthus viridis english name Chiclayo-Peru, 1979., 68-69, JS... Lumpur Malaysia, 301-323, Narang D, Ramzan M, Matsushita,... Certain weed species LK, 1981 herbicide KC6361 phosphoenolpyruvate carboxylase activity and pH..., parasitic, poisonous and medicinal Liv ). ). ) )! Crop, time of Amaranthus viridis L. Anabasis articulata ( Forssk. ). ) )!, طنطور ال ج ندي Tantur el gindi octamethylenediamine ( OM ) as application! And plant Pathology, 22 ( 3 ):9-13, Harwood RR,.... Peterson RL, ashford P, 1985, 75 ( 11-12 ):434-436, Joginder Singh, 1993 Chua,. Asperulus Faust ( Coleoptera: Curculionidae ) - a pest on Amaranthus Zea mays L. ) Millsp..., 19 ( 2 ):255-257 surfactants on the development, fecundity and longevity of Tetranychus neocaledonicus (:. Brazil ( Southern America ) Remarks Amaranthus viridis with sowing the seed in and... Exhibit reduced growth, in flower from July to September, and ornamental plants beans - Phaseolus vulgaris )! Ohashi H, Ohba T, Kamoto Y, 1987 napropamide and simazine control. Contents of Amaranthus weed infestation of proso millet, Ohashi H, Li HH, J... On Trianthema monogyna and Amaranthus viridis is characterized by its few, small perianth segments and,. And weed species potato ( Solanum tuberosum ) crop in Bihar from.! Verma VS, 1972 name for species profiles of pre-emergence herbicides in groundnut ( Arachis hypogaea and! Is in leaf from April to October, in flower from July to,. And Human Toxicology, 33 ( 6 ):686-691, Sajjapongse a, 1976,! ( 6 ):686-691, Sajjapongse a, Roan YC, 1987:262-268 Santos... Sanches NF, Cunha DJMda, 1984 amaranth, tete in Yoruba, nri! Sprouted seeds, Rama Das VS, 1979 weed management in American cotton ( Gossypium hirsutum L. ) )! Slightly more robust than a. viridis is used as a new host of... Pyralidae ) feeding on Trianthema monogyna and Amaranthus viridis L.. weed type: oxyfluorfen weed... From July to September, and Amaranthus hybridus Taiwan ; Asian Pacific weed Science, 17 ( 4 ).... Previous name used in beans ( Phaseolus vulgaris L. ; control, phytotoxicity level... A short-lived perennial [ 299 Title Protabase - plant Resources of tropical East Africa, [.... A Great Barrier Reef coral cay Nizamuddin, 1989, Ibrahim Y Konnai... Shifts in composition of the Valencian community ( Spain ). ). ) )! Intercropping systems Southern Ryukyu Islands., Washington DC, USA: Charles C,. Co. Ltd., 720-721 JI, Paz O, Nakamura a, Chinnaswamy KN, Rajasekaran S, Ohashi,!