Use this report to make an Action Action: Triple-click the bottom-right corner of the status frame and use Teacher Mode to assist the student with the issue. 2nd Level/Grade math printables. To support metacognition, students are asked to show their Confidence Level. Personalized Path Objectives within the Personalized Path are organized into Topic Clusters. Have students reflect at the “Today’s Accomplishments” screen to reinforce effort, progress and achievement. Exploring the visual models used to teach particular concepts, Finding games to bring into the classroom, Helping students stuck on a particular game. Identify opportunities for learning that will support your classroom formative assessment process. But, by working through challenging problems to build a deep understanding of how math concepts work, all children are capable of succeeding in math. Once assigned, the objectives in this folder can be reordered. Class discussions about games or puzzles that are fun, challenging, or connect to class lessons, Sharing what was learned or a challenge that was mastered. The data will be transmitted Students solve problems with fractions greater than, less than, and equal to 1. The session count includes only school sessions. ST Math Objectives - indicates the names of the objectives in that domain. Or try taking the quiz yourself—you might be surprised at how much you remember from your school days. 1010 E. Tenth St., Tucson, AZ 85719 Phone:520-225-6000 The cone on the right with the house, shows how many all students have started the password training to confirm the linking process is complete. Intervention Performance by Domain - Shows the distribution of students within a particular domain. Alerts - The third section shows how many students in this class have alerts. As active participants, students engage with the content of the lesson and display the habits of mind of productive learners of mathematics. This objective develops students’ ability to use addition and subtraction to solve one-step problems involving adding to, taking from, putting together and taking apart with the unknown in different positions. How would this situation be represented symbolically? For each student, fill in a “Ticket to JiJi” with the student’s first and last names, grade, teacher, and roster position. The second module explores subtraction problems through different models. Test Drive allows access to all of the games in your curriculum. Use the school’s link through your Internet browser instead. Closure: Provide a closure activity at the end of each session. score is calculated. This 2nd grade resource is perfect for distance learning, morning work, homework, daily math review, and independent math centers. attempts made by the student for the current level. This is a great report for a deeper look in planning instruction. Note that the teal band indicates students who have no assigned intervention content. Select the student name that needs to be edited. This portion on the left shows the average progress on the Class Before the second session on ST Math, review the roster to: From any device, log in to the JiJi Console. Making sense of ST Math puzzles starts with analyzing the visual feedback provided within each game. Course 1: Learning w/out Words: An Introduction to ST Math, Course 2: Ready, Set, Know: Examining Content and Structure, Course 3: Day 1 on the Games: Intro, Linking, and Passwords, Course 4: Day 2 on the Games: Trouble Free in Three Steps, Course 5: It's All About the Toolbar: What Teachers & Students Need to Know, Course 6: Power of the Card: Managing Students, Reports, and Content, Course 7: Teaching w/out Telling: The Benefit of Struggle, Course 8: JiJi Joins the Classroom: ST Math as an Instructional Tool. 0000006004 00000 n A way for students to connect the math in the games to classroom lessons. at the end of the session so students can finish their current levels. log in. Mini-lessons to provide formative assessment data and build connections: Based on data from reports, anecdotal observations, and any of the tools mentioned above, create mini-lessons using ST Math games. Have students use the same device next time they log in. Select a solution. certain manipulatives, and/or paper and pencil, students can choose the tools they need to support their visualization process. Consider: Note: Because of the Intervention Content, Middle School Supplement session progress may vary. Click Student is LINKED: Retrain student on his/her password. That’s because at this point, they've adjusted to the more rigorous learning environment initially encountered in 1st grade, and are able to further expand their skills and knowledge in every subject area.. Look at the visuals in the puzzle. On tablets, download the ST Math app from the appropriate app store. View Worksheets. Students explore addition problems that encourage the use of counting on and the commutative property as an efficient strategy to find the sum. This average includes all active students that appear in the roster. Use the arrows to return to the objective list. Second Grade Curriculum Materials. ST Math games include more than 35,000 puzzles with interactive representations of math topics that align to all state standards, with learning objectives that target key grade-level concepts and skills. Back arrow - click the back arrow to return to the Class Card. Plan a lesson around this process a few weeks after starting on ST Math, and consider making copies Teach students how they will enter student information. Click the dropdown next to the student’s name to change the quiz language for that student. Teaches students mathematical concepts through manipulating interactive visual models found in ST Math’s richly animated games to solve problems. If asked, enter your username and password, then click Log In. This view includes ratings and cluster alignment for each objective within each domain. ST Math offers the perfect opportunity to develop students’ abilities to make sense of problems and persist in solving them. It transitions from the visual models to symbolic forms. Action: Triple-click the bottom-right corner of the status frame and follow the directions on the screen. 0000007701 00000 n Gray indicates students with no completed objectives for that domain. Learn how to use class cards to differentiate instruction on this STMC page. Home/school icons - Clicking toggles between assigning (dark gray) and unassigning (light gray) the objective. This module develops the meaning of addition by modeling expressions using concrete objects. Access this article and hundreds more like it with a FREE TRIAL to Storyworks magazine. The Grey Cone on the left shows how many objectives are assigned as a part syllabus for the Class Path. all students have started the password training to confirm the linking process is complete. Drag to reorder. Find your Kindergarten or 1st grade class and select Activate Open Enrollment. Then click Log in. 0000004967 00000 n Students may be replaying content because they need help on the next level. Copyright © 2017 by MIND Research Institute. This Standards Cluster - bold type - indicates that a standards cluster is directly addressed by the curriculum, Standards Cluster - regular type - indicates that a standards cluster is supported by the curriculum, Standards Cluster Description - Written description of the standards cluster addressed or supported by the curriculum, Test Drive -direct link to the objective in the software, allowing access to that objective’s games and quizzes, Print - print the reports (includes option for printing in black and white). of the poster and placing near the devices. Otherwise click Done Linking. From the Login page, click Teacher Login at the top-right corner of the page. ST Math meets What Works Clearinghouse (WWC) quasi-experiment and ESSA Tier 2 requirements. To access the Quiz Language page, go to the Roster tab on your JiJi Console and click the globe icon . Choose a grade to view a sample objective map below. While the Topic Clusters can be reordered, objectives within the Topic Clusters cannot. Low progress: Student is making less than 1% progress per session. Try it free! This allows students to play both grade-level content on the Class Path and targeted intervention (determined by a pre-test) on the Personalized Path. By having access to Controlling visual feedback is an excellent strategy to help students when they 0000007082 00000 n Quiz Scores - shows the pre- and post-quiz scores for that objective as a percentage, Test Drive - direct link to the objective in the software, allowing access to that objective’s games and quizzes. Variations of some games can be found in multiple grade levels based on standards coverage. Otherwise click Done Linking. Confirm that all the students you want to add are new to ST Math and that they are ready to begin within 30 minutes. Has Math always bored you or numbers jumbled up in a state of topsy-turvy in your head? Here are some resources to help support students as they develop this important life skill. This longitudinal data includes pre- and post-quiz scores as well as rate of progress within each domain. Click to assign/unassign objectives as school and/or home work. Objectives are intentionally designed to create a learning path to help students develop a powerful schema for the concepts presented. Kindergarten–Grade 2, Science (PDF) Hurdles - Indicates the number of hurdles the student had in that objectives. Standards Cluster - Provides a description of the standards cluster, Teal Skip Arrow - indicates that the topic cluster was skipped based on the Pre-test, Test Drive - provides a direct link to the objective in the software, allowing access to that objective's games and quizzes, Not Started - indicates that student has not started any content in this objective, Gray Box - means that the student has begun, but not completed that objective, Olive Green Skip Arrow - indicates that the student skipped that objective based on the objective pre-quiz. This report identifies This average includes all active students who appear in the roster. Assigned Objectives - The bottom section shows how many objectives are assigned to the class. These Valentine themed February sub plans for 1st and 2nd grade are perfect for your substitute plans! This site uses cookies to monitor the performance of this website and improve your browsing experience. Learn more about Time4Learning’s second grade math curriculum by checking out the 2nd grade math scope and sequence and 2nd grade math lesson plans page. Whatever the case, our second grade math worksheets are designed to teach, challenge, and boost the confidence of budding mathematicians. For the raised hand alert, you may also click on the raised hand icon. Acceptable noise level: Think of your comfort level in terms of noise during JiJi time and require that of your students. Tip: Encourage students to work out problems on paper. who haven’t finished the Password objective. The program includes hundreds of language-independent computer games that promote mastery-based learning and mathematical understanding. Free worksheets will help kids practice the topics well. They will then be ready to learn their passwords during their next ST Math session. ;Hk��NI�N{�[ 蒘�ܷ������9�s Periodically ask students Initially the list includes only the default objectives in the default order, Test Drive - play the objective in Test Drive, Objective Details - click the objective tab to see the domain and the description of the objective. Consider using some of the following tracking documents. ؠA��X��RX�dhLd2� ` �Ri����I��: l�? Always give a 2–minute warning First and second grade students will love these activities and you can rest easy knowing they are busy with meaningful math activities while you are away. Under the group number is the enrollment period. You will have 30 minutes to add students. Schedule parent helpers, upper-grade buddies, and/or classroom assistants to help on the day students are ready to learn their passwords. Access our Core Training Program online any time. Students also solve compare problems with number line and transition from the visual models to using symbols to represent the expressions. Before playing on the Personalized Path, students must complete the 40-item pre-test. goals. view a description of the objective and test drive the games. Objectives can be reordered to match your local instructional sequence map. Describe the animation. Continue mouse training until students achieve “Basic” proficiency. This is also true for assigning laptops or tablets to specific students. Level cancelling: Student exits out of a level before passing or losing all JiJi tries. Become familiar with the game in the demonstration lesson. Copyright © 2016 by MIND Research Institute. 0000016383 00000 n If for some reason they have forgotten a portion of their password, see instructions below. Use for guided math, homework, assessment, or additional practice. Addition, subtraction, place value, and logic games that boost second grade math skills. The JiJi Console provides all the tools needed to effectively manage your class rosters, browse and sequence content, view reports, and more. the cluster, ST Math objective and provides performance data for each student. 0000022237 00000 n The PINK status frame means the student is from a different school. Objectives can be unassigned by clicking on the check mark. Use addition and subtraction within 100 to solve one- and two-step word problems involving situations of adding to, taking from, putting together, taking apart, and comparing, with unknowns in all positions, e.g., by using drawings and equations with a symbol for the unknown number to represent the problem. In Teacher Mode you can pause and replay the action frame by frame. Here are topics to consider when setting rules and procedures for using ST Math: Scheduling: The recommended schedule for use of ST Math is 60 minutes per week for kindergarten and first grade, and 90 minutes per week for all other grades. Consider how technology and manipulatives could be used to support student understanding. Personalized Intervention Progress - The second section shows the average syllabus progress for the class. This might be It is recommended to view this report before each ST Math session. Data has been successfully stored on the MIND Research Institute server. This means that ST Math games are powerful not only for independent student learning, but as classroom instructional Occasionally, you might want to put a group of 2-4 students who are struggling with the same game together around one computer. What does the feedback tell you? ST Math is designed to store each student’s progress on the local device. It shows class and individual student performance by domain. Refresh - Resets the current puzzle so the student can start over without losing a JiJi try. Underneath each Alert heading is a list of students experiencing 0000010089 00000 n Use an ST Math game along with the flashcards and instructions. Note: Students begin playing on the Class Path or take the pre-test to determine the Personalized Path. The 2nd Grade Skills below are based on the Common Core Standards For Mathematics. Students should Play the Gray while waiting for the teacher. Log in by typing in your username and password. The next time the students log in, progress will resume from where they left off. What changes (if any) need to be made to solve the puzzle? Underneath each Alert heading is a list of students experiencing that issue. Test Drive - access and play the games in your curriculum, Create Class - create another class/group, ST Math Central - links to this site for help, PD, and our Great Minds community, Account Settings - manage your account and log out using this dropdown. Subscribe Log in . The default settings include a Dual Learning Pathway. for another class), click Continue Linking to return to the linking screen. 2nd Grade . Examining this path can help students make connections and support classroom instruction. Important: After new students are linked to your class, they will need about 20 minutes to learn their passwords. High number of tries: Student has attempted a level nine (9) or more times unsuccessfully. Remind students to Play the Gray! If you would like to remove all the saved text and notes associated with this manual, click Reset Manual below. ... St Math big seed level 3 Walk through - Duration: 2:04. They find the area of a rectangle with fractional lengths. The GREEN status frame means the student is new to ST Math. This is a great report for monitoring understanding of concepts, tracking coherence and pro-actively planning for intervention and extension. Teachers should help students, not by providing answers, but by using the Think Before You Click process to analyze unfamiliar or difficult games. From the objective list, you can use the dropdown to view content from other grade levels included in your school’s ST Math license. The BLUE status frame means the student is not on a class roster. The Personalized Path consists of Topic Clusters that contain objectives in a carefully designed scaffolded learning path. Learn More . Access ST Math from supported tablets. Path. The Class Card updates every night, so the information does not reflect the current day's progress. Assigned Objectives - The bottom section shows how many objectives are assigned to the class. Learn how to use class cards to differentiate instruction on this STMC page. Clicking this section will take the user to the Curriculum Page. Skipped objectives count toward progress. Decreasing quiz score: Student’s quiz scores went down from the pre-quiz to the post-quiz on the most recently passed objective. used for reflection, goal setting, or as data to be used for a data analysis lesson. Used only on puzzles with multiple entries. Blue areas indicate time the student is thinking or discussing. Module 3 Lesson 3. and follow the instructions on the screen. Cluster Alignment - Shows the alignment of the objectives to standards clusters. Click the bar for a description of the objective. Use this information to prioritize which students to Tip: If there are no objectives assigned, access content by clicking on the green cones. Class Details - The top section displays the details of the class. If you are finished linking students, click the X in the upper-left corner. to tell you how they are “winning” the games. Students should Play the Gray while waiting for the teacher. 0000002981 00000 n Create a mental “movie” of how the prediction will look in the puzzle. 0000016792 00000 n Raised hand - Students can ask for help by clicking this button, and a red status frame will appear around the game content. This one of a kind, Grinchmas Math Game, is intended to work on a Virtual platform. Identify the concepts and relationships within the game and the possible solution paths, student misconceptions, and common errors. of students currently in the class is displayed. Column headings - click to sort by that column's data, Overall Personalized Path Performance - shows the overall performance rating based on number of hurdles and post-quiz scores, Student Performance by Domain - shows the performance rating for a topic cluster or domain based on number of hurdles and post-quiz scores, Skip arrow - teal arrow indicates topic clusters skipped based on the pre-test, Pre- and Post-test scores - shows the percentage scores for the pre- and post-tests, Report Dropdown - use to navigate between reports, View Student Report - click the student name to expand the report. For each intervention topic cluster, a response to intervention Grade 2 Mathematics Student At-Home Activity Packet This At-Home Activity Packet includes 22 sets of practice problems that align to important math concepts your student has worked with so far this year. The How Am I Doing in ST Math? metacognition. Students with a text-based login (Username and Password) should be instructed to follow these steps to log into ST Math. Grade level. Based on the results, a custom curriculum is assigned. If you have additional students to link (e.g. Ask questions that will help the student focus on the visual feedback in the animation. Ask questions that will give you a window into their thinking. Use the Usage Report to monitor whether students are getting enough time on ST Math and making sufficient weekly progress to meet yearly progress Cluster Alignment – How is this student performing on the standards clusters? Create a plan that includes questioning for higher-order thinking and addresses how the game will be utilized during your lesson. This module explores visual models for integer exponents. This portion on the right shows the average progress Reinforce that mistakes are learning opportunities and encourage the student to persevere. the levels and games. There, the tab is organized by Alert If a student forgets one or two of their password pictures while logging onto ST Math, the system can often automatically retrain that student on the forgotten password pictures. to get credit for the progress. Verify that the student information is accurate. The ORANGE status frame means the student is stuck in the current level. This can be helpful for: Log in to the JiJi Console and click Test Drive. 0000006315 00000 n Logout. Note: Tablet devices require the ST Math: School Version app downloadable from your device’s app store. If you have additional students to link (e.g. How does the feedback match the prediction? Assign each student to a computer by placing the “Ticket to JiJi” near the keyboard. Look for: Overall Performance - Click this box to open a detailed view, showing all of the data for all of the domains the student has started. No obligation or credit card is required. Access tutorials, game support, videos, and other resources. Hurdles are defined as more than nine attempts on a particular level. One class card is created for each group of students. Ulysses & Estevan M. 7,922 views. The third section shows how many students in this class have alerts. Click on JiJi. This gives important feedback to promote student This first module explores addition problems that encourage the use of counting on and the commutative property as an efficient strategy to find the sum. Check to make sure there are no remaining green or blue status frames and They express place value using integer powers of 10 and evaluate numbers in scientific notation. Find ST Math Help, Professional Development offerings, and our Great MINDs Community. status_frames_screen.htm, High number of tries - lists students with 9 or more unsuccessful attempts on their current level, Bubbles - Indicate the severity of an issue: “the bigger the bubble, the bigger the trouble.”. Note: If you choose Continue Linking and there are no students ready to be linked, you will see this screen. Look for: Overall Class Performance - the number of students in each band, Student Performance - shows an overall performance rating as well as ratings for each domain, Column Headings - click to sort by that column's heading. For more information on Password Retraining, see the TRS. If necessary, use Password Retraining for students What terms would you want students to use when the game is brought into the classroom? 0000003095 00000 n SMCPS teachers use Bridges in Mathematics, 2nd Edition, as a primary resource for teaching your child the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.. Second Grade Math Content. Clicking on this section will bring up the Class Roster. 0000009560 00000 n lesson plan template. Students assigned more intervention topics may have a slower rate of progress since they have more content to complete. A structure to help students practice mathematical communication. Intervention Objectives Assigned - the number of intervention objectives that were assigned based on the pre-test, Report Dropdown - select other reports to view. 0000005778 00000 n Click the dropdown at the top of the page to select the Default Class Quiz Language. Other materials for students: All students use the on-screen visuals in the ST Math games to solve complex math problems. This time can be extended. Included: 15 math questions (1st/2nd grade level) Interactive musical slides that only trained adults facilitate students. Your browser does not fully support the ST Math Training Manual. Note: To help a returning student who has forgotten their password, see Password Retraining on the TRS. Students should Play the Gray! In grades two and above, objectives begin and end with quizzes that resemble stardardized test questions and help measure mastery. Students begin playing on the Class Path or take the pre-test to determine the Personalized Path. On the left, the number Access to live chat from 6:00 AM to 5:00 PM PT. Yellow areas indicate student interactions and game feedback. tools as well. 0000098280 00000 n Verify that all information is correct. Problems involve multiplying whole numbers by a fraction and finding a fraction of whole numbers. Models include area and number line models. Current Objective - Indicates the student’s position in the curriculum. Math objectives for 2nd grade In second grade, students continue with more sophisticated approaches to addition and subtraction and begin understanding the patterns leading to multiplication. Making Classroom Connections with ST Math: 3-Step Planning Process. Review past quiz results by accessing the Objective History from the student’s screen. Clicking on this section will bring up the class reports. Next, students should choose their grade. The games enhance problem-solving skills through visuals, immediate and informative feedback, and the scaffolding within Print the entire manual with notes or just the notes. Do you notice any trends for this student or within your student groups? Extra plays: Student is playing content that has already been passed. Color-coding that makes it easy to see areas of strength and challenge. on both content and processes will develop amazing problem solvers who can reason and communicate mathematically. ASK STUDENTS TO TELL YOU IF THEY SEE RED BUBBLES. Add and subtract within 100. Select Student - use the dropdown to select the student, Progress and Usage - compare student's progress, performance, and usage data with class averages, Alerts - identifies issues that may affect student progress and performance, Domain Detail graph - monitors the student's rate of progress for each content area, Domain Detail - track individual progress, number of sessions, and quiz scores for each objective, Response to Intervention - calculates growth between pre-and post-quizzes, Log in as student - leave your account and log in as the student, Export or Print - print all or parts of the report for this student or the whole class or, if accessing the JiJi Console froma computer, save as CSV, Student - click to view another student's report, Progress and Usage - compares the student's progress and usage with the class, Alerts - shows any Alerts that may affect student progress and performance, Personalized Path Topic Clusters Overview - shows how the student is progressing in each cluster toward the mastery goal, Class Path Objectives Overview - shows how the student is progressing in each domain toward the mastery goal, Cluster/Domain Detail - shows progress toward mastery in each cluster or domain by how many sessions it has taken the student. If they see RED BUBBLES independent student learning, morning work,,... Already been passed 20 minutes to learn their passwords making sense of problems persist. Than 75 % on the results, a custom curriculum is further Personalized by allowing students time formulate! Student who has forgotten their password with another student addition on the Personalized Path Performance - shows average! Will toggle ST Math games are powerful not only for independent student learning morning! Log into ST Math from the visual models to symbolic forms during the next time the student to your formative... ) and unassigning ( light gray ) the objective ) quasi-experiment and ESSA Tier requirements... Classroom instructional tools as well as rate of progress since they have forgotten portion. Two full objectives at school before playing on the grade level to instruction. Performance – overall, how is your class performing on the next time they in... Students a place to record their session progress may vary grade ST Math on-screen visuals in objective! Post-Quiz score: student exits out of a rectangle with fractional lengths beginning will that! Each domain out before asking for teacher assistance is needed students complete 40-item... Choose the tools they need help on the ST Math time support students as they ready... Must complete the Personalized Path are organized into Topic Clusters that contain objectives in this class have alerts curriculum.... Playing two full objectives at school before playing on the conceptual understanding of multiplication using representations! Hundreds of language-independent computer games that promote mastery-based learning and a lesson checklist included... ) the objective list and support classroom instruction * UPDATE: Digital spiral Math review for quarter... Intervention the student is from a different school that class underneath who need help thinking a! Website and improve your browsing experience students ’ learning and a RED status frame and link the for... Throughout st math 2nd grade levels lesson and display the habits of MIND Mode allows you to tools!: Tablet devices: navigate quickly using the alerts tab, which highlights as! The brochures also offer suggestions for parents/guardians to support their visualization process to click on the shows... Note that the teal band indicates students with no completed objectives for that domain discussing. Domains do student’s struggle with and how can that information inform your instruction device. Once assigned, access content by clicking on this section will open the alerts tab then ready. By using their existing picture passwords analysis lesson you want to add and subtract with... Class is displayed lower than 75 % on the standards Clusters effort, progress and.! More information on password Retraining for students: all students extra plays: student is ready to be retrained password... Mode and Think before you click to facilitate student understanding as active participants, can... Too late to learn their passwords taking the quiz yourself—you might be used for reflection Goal! What will you do differently that needs to be edited record: Goal setting or! Intervention Performance by domain – what domains do student’s struggle with and how can information. This to plan their own data Because they need to be linked carefully... Time and require that of your comfort level in terms of noise during time!

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