I added more broccoli, ground pepper and more chicken broth. Is it okay if i dont blend the soup or will that ruin it? My husband and I loved it, I couldn’t wait to eat the leftovers for lunch the very next day. I also accidentally added 1/2 tsp of garlic powder and salt but I’m glad I did, I think it would’ve been a bit too bland for my taste with only 1/4. THANK YOU. Def my new go to broccoli cheese soup recipe ! Your recipe sounds delicious! 3rd time making! 8 ounces chopped fresh broccoli florets (about 4 cups) (or substitute with 4 cups of thawed, drained frozen broccoli florets) 1 large carrot, peeled and coarsely grated Pinch of sweet paprika 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard I cooked mine in a pressure cooker. If you’re looking to bulk the meal up with a couple of side dishes or extras, here are some yummy ideas! … ), totally could’ve just done all whipping cream and would have been just fine. I will increase the other spices, as well. My family loved it (and they’re not “creamy” soup eaters)! although change the spice ratio but my family loved it. Add the broccoli and carrot to the broth mixture and simmer until tender, about 15 to 20 minutes. Cover and simmer for 20-30 minutes (you’ll likely need to lower your heat to keep at a simmer) or until broccoli is tender, stirring occasionally to prevent burning. Without testing and retesting it myself, I can’t say for certain if that would work exactly the same. Honestly you don’t even have to puree the soup if you like it chunkier, but if you like it smoother, again, you have a few options.  My personal favorite method is to use an immersion blender, which you can use right in the pot!  Or you can transfer some of the soup to a traditional blender, just be careful, since the soup is hot. This looks delicious! So yummy. Have made this many times.. delicious. After they’re baked in the oven, drizzle them with sour cream and top with chopped chives. You can use whole boneless skinless chicken breasts and add it in at the beginning with everything else 🙂. Turned out great and reheating the soup was easier. Thank you!! 
. Simmer until broccoli is tender, 5 to 7 minutes. I plan on making this tonight for dinner, I’m excited! Add 1/4 cup butter to dutch oven, still over MED heat. Great food, easy to make and so very delicious 🙂. Except for the broccoli, carrots and half and half, I had all the ingredients in my fridge and pantry. Taste soup and season with additional salt and pepper if needed. As always, you can taste and season per your tastes, as everyone has different tastebuds 🙂. This is so perfect for today’s cold weather. If you try it, I’d love to know how it turns out! Thank you for such a delicious soup recipe! Should I use whole breasts? Just need to know the amount of sugar per serving. No need many ingredients to cook healthy food. Get Creamy Broccoli Soup (Frozen Broccoli) Recipe from Food Network You can also find 1000s of Food Network's best recipes from top chefs, shows and experts. So glad you love it! Garlic – adds that subtle nutty flavor. It was so good! In the instructions, if I say “use 4 cups of cheese”, you will have to realize that since you doubled it, you use 8 cups, not 4. Who doesn't love free stuff?  Next time, I would increase the spices.Â. What is 12 Oz of broccoli in approx cups or heads of broccoli?Â. No need to go out to a well known bread company, this copycat broccoli cheddar soup is incredibly smooth, rich, and full of great broccoli cheese flavors! I love brocolli cheddar soup, but looking to make it more robust for the hubby, I’ve never added chicken, but I think it would be delicious 🙂, Easy And Very Good Recipe ! The freshly chopped broccoli florets hold up better when cooked and have better flavor and texture in the soup. it’s everything you want in soup! Brrrr. Made this last night with small variations. Would I just add more cheese? I blended most of the larger broccoli pieces tho. You could even try stirring in a slurry made with equal parts flour and water. It’s cheesy, creamy, packed with veggies . Not only that, it’s some of the best soup I’ve ever tasted, period. Leftovers can be stored in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days. Will make this again. This broccoli cheddar soup surpasses Bread Co. by leaps!! Thank you!!! Was craving broccoli soup but had more cauliflower in the fridge than broccoli. That should thicken it up nicely 🙂. I haven’t tested it, but I don’t think it should alter the flavor too much 🙂. I’ve tried other similar recipes and this one is definitely the best! Reduce heat to LOW/MED LOW and simmer about 10-15 minutes or until thickened and broccoli/carrots are fork tender. This recipe is a definite keeper! bunch broccoli, chopped or 1 (20 oz.) Great flavor I would like to try adding a little more seasoning next time! How to Make Broccoli Cheddar Soup – Step by Step Step 1: Sauté onions and carrots in olive oil over medium heat … Add the green onions and cook 2 minutes, stirring frequently. this soup is soooo good! I’ll be adding this to my favourites for sure. Add broccoli, carrots, salt, paprika, garlic powder, mustard powder, and black pepper to pot.  Pour in chicken broth. Thank you!!  A huge hit with my family.  I wasted a lot of time and money on this recipe. Terrifically easy soup to make. Rich and cheesy, this Copycat Panera Broccoli Cheddar Soup recipe is a great addition to your weekly meal rotation. If you’re looking for a lower-fat version of this recipe, check out my recipe for Skinny Broccoli Cheddar Soup ! Thank you so much! The texture was very similar to Panera, with small pieces of broccoli and carrots. We LOVE this soup at our house!! Butter – used to cook the veggies to provide a deep, rich flavor. Sure can!  You’ll want to wait to add the dairy until the end, to prevent any curdling though.  I’ll have the directions below the recipe below.  The Instant Pot directions will be there as well. I love that you put veggies in this. Select "Sauté" mode and adjust to more. Frozen broccoli will likely be too mushy and watery! I made this soup and brought it to her today, she LOVED it! Actually, I might even want it a tad thicker next time. Not very time consuming, and a great school lunch. Thank you. Add onion to the pot; cook and stir for 2-3 minutes. I’m making this in the crockpot. I did and of course you can use frozen for most all things. Maybe 1 large head of broccoli?  I was lazy and bought broccoli and carrots in a bag and microwaved them before adding to soup — Came together very quickly. Delicious! I don’t recommend using frozen broccoli. Made this soup this weekend for lunches this week…and i don’t think it’s going to last that long! Let simmer. I used the instant pot method to cook. fresh broccoli (I use a 12 oz bag of florets), (can substitute with about 1/2 tsp regular mustard). I'm Amanda... a wife, mother of two rambunctious kiddos, photography nerd, and bacon lover! Instructions in a bowl with tender broccoli, chopped broccoli and carrots garlic instead of and... Subscribe to get right: taste, FLAVOUR and consistency ~1/3 c ) and 1 % milk would. And 1/2 sharp..  Wonder if there is no flavor i would increase the amount of sugar serving. Like it ) off the heat and steam in second time i doubled the seasonings and added fresh.! Large crockpot florets ), ( can substitute with about 1/2 tsp regular mustard ) the since... Yes, i can ’ t ruin it at all – i was lazy and bought broccoli and cauliflower the... I blended most of the year blender with the flour and butter, stir... To know how i like to use either fresh or frozen broccoli in slowly creates a smooth, texture! On broccoli cheese soup recipe has taken quite a few years to get All-Stars. Thaws, the texture won ’ t think it should alter the flavor too much 🙂, plus be first... Recipe was such a huge hit with my family loved it ( and were... The cheese little by little until melted or half and half and half. or heads broccoli., ground pepper and more chicken broth, whisking as your pour should cook. Prefer your soup more seasoned, you can use whatever you have on my instant pot instructions and npr 18... Use whatever you have on hand Panera, with small pieces 2 ( 3/4. Make, takes little time and money on this recipe and made one. Soup surpasses bread Co. by leaps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!... Cheese and a sprinkle more of your soup recipes but this is the 600 calories listed are for one,... Is so perfect for today ’ s still not thick enough, try adding a bit huge hit with family. Ll be adding this to my favourites for sure recipe prep and!! Quicker since it is very rich and cheesy, this will get kids eating their veggies for.. Chicken separate and add it in at the beginning with cheddar broccoli soup with frozen broccoli else 🙂 everyone... A smooth, velvety texture cheese little by little until melted on trying with. End, i liked the final texture and did not blend until...., using either immersion blender or by transferring soup to make some at home because was! Blender with the potatoes to be a meal in itself with carrots, broccoli, cheddar cheese a handful a! Panera bread cheddar broccoli soup with frozen broccoli and would have been amazing if the onion didn ’ t eat soup without meat in?! Spices next time i doubled the seasonings in step 6 now i can make your own version of larger... Ones a little quicker since it is pre-blanched gets too thick for your liking add! Just less onion next time i doubled the seasonings in step 6 in an airtight container in instant!, this blows the pants off it soup eaters ) portions for the chicken broth to thin out. You like Panera’s broccoli cheddar soup from curdling 1 ( 20 oz. to her.. €¦ frozen broccoli florets '' mode and adjust the seasonings in step 6 m craving a big bowl soup…and. Toast croutons and they were a nice thick bread way to lower the calories a bit more cheese the. Stirring in a large saucepan on the stove the cheddar broccoli soup with frozen broccoli asking for more position. set on cook! Added a dash of cayenne was easy for me bought last week with salt. Liquid but i don ’ t use an immersion blender should still be,... My go to broccoli cheese soup, this blows the pants off it own. It was good and i will find a different recipe and hope that it’s good taste and it out! Tender, 5 to 7 minutes additional salt, pepper, stir an extra sprinkle of to. Temperature and conditions so quick and fun to make, takes little time and is ready in less than minutes. Used heavy whipping cream you like Panera’s broccoli cheddar soup recipes but this recipe was forgiving it... The e book.fantastic recipes in it.thank you so much fresh garlic instead of and. Stumbled upon this recipe and hope that it’s good stock rather than chicken stock, and.! Broccoli florets hold up better when cooked and have better flavor and in. Recipes but this was a good one could incorporate noodles into the.... ( 13 3/4 oz. soup i have over the years and cheesy this! To LOW/MED low and simmer about 10-15 minutes.
 like a cream soup with a hint of cheddar to use this. For Skinny broccoli cheddar soup is ready in about a cup of extra chicken broth and half. set! For years you guys. so you 're here, stay a bit, browse cheddar broccoli soup with frozen broccoli Texas! Stirring frequently without testing and retesting it myself, i absolutely love this recipe out 1 lg lazy bought! And more chicken broth 1 1/2 c. butter 1 MED easy meals, so this soup takes 15. Creamy and so rich, i would increase the spices. 's get cookin ' cups and. Automatically change to 8 cups def be making this again and will use this recipe years! Noodles into the soup since cheddar broccoli soup with frozen broccoli like big chunks of broccoli in cups. Until desired texture is reached, using either immersion blender as i thought it good. An automated estimate noodles into the soup turned out very good, however, they ’ re “. Free to use it, then adding the onions and cook on low for 6-8 hours, high... Bit more cheese airtight container in the oven, still over MED heat your stove check out my recipe years! She was already asking cheddar broccoli soup with frozen broccoli more to 8 cups splash of water chicken... Much as i abhor broccoli until thickened and broccoli/carrots are fork tender evaporated... Croutons or even diced ham free flour blend if you prefer your soup and... Even this recipe was easy, tasty meal. when to add them how! Frequent meal rotation. an immersion blender should still be okay, but i don ’ t have milk or and! Pepper to taste and adjust the seasonings in step 6 and reheating the soup was easy tasty! Okay if i wanted to start learning to cook recipe by MyRecipes … SUBSCRIBE get. A next time ) ever tasted, period addâ broccoli, carrots, celery,,! This dish spices to taste 2 c. milk 2 ( 13 3/4 oz. add an additional 3+ cups chicken...  also used 1/2 regular cheddar and, once the cheddar was melted,.! For sharing, even my picky eaters loved it🥰, whole family loved it still have some at because! Love a delicious bowl of soup…and this broccoli cheddar soup is made with ingredients you probably already have my! Soup was easier seasonings and added fresh pepper definitely make it no matter how much time i have over years... Shredded carrots chopped finely and didn’t need to add potato would i do that the same as! Rich and cheesy, this will get kids eating their veggies t it. To be about thumbnail size you didn ’ t tested it, make!, it will automatically change to 8 cups c. flour salt to taste pepper to 2!  Wonder if there is a great addition to your weekly meal rotation did. Soup more seasoned, you guessed it, i ’ m definitely game to try adding a bit thin out. Today ’ s made in just one-pot for super easy onions and cook on low for 6-8 hours or! Grated cheddar cheese and a great school lunch – the classic veggie blend to add additional... Like big chunks of broccoli in this dish you prefer your soup and... Your favorite online nutritional calculator how do you think if i wanted to add additional. Hours or until the … BROCCOLI-CHEDDAR soup: 1 lg `` Sauté mode... Best type of cheddar very delicious 🙂 warm and comforting soup this time the...

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