I use tmc2208 Standalone. #define NUM_Z_STEPPER_DRIVERS 1 // (1-4) Z options change based on how many @thinkyhead you cut out these pin definitions from the bugfix-1.1.x branch yourself. If that same combination sets X micro-stepping to 4x (in testing, G1 X... will move farther) then you have non-Heroic drivers. Marlin - Rumba - Dual Z drivers, z movement breaks movement on all axis December 12, 2015 12:50PM Registered: 4 years ago Posts: 7 ... And oddly after trying to move the Z motors neither X or Y axis motors would work after that. ET5X 3D printer applies dual Z-axis rods and motors to make sure the smooth and accuracy of every slight movement. #define Z_DRIVER_TYPE TMC2209 // This will STILL send juice to Z2 but don't use if using 2 Drivers You must use the M671 command to define the X and Y coordinates of the leadscrews. with little torque. @thinkyhead honestly, I don't remember. I had custom updated Marlin 1.1.3 which was work well until I updated it today to 1.1.8 and got the same issue - Z axis motors rotated with different speed. Disconnect the two Z motors from the belts/screws so the motors can turn freely. Do both motors turn in the same direction at the same speed? And what if I do have an ATX PSU? Well, I cant tell about other boards but the MKS BASE v1.5 that I have can control its microstepping pins. Swap the cables for the two Z motors AT THE CONTROLLER. If turning the current up and setting MINIMUM_STEPPER_PULSE to 10 doesn't help then you could try moving the logical stepper channels to different sockets. @thinkyhead I can set the micro-stepping mode programmatically on my MKS BASE v1.5. The only thing I can think of that the firmware change might have affected is the step pulse width to the controller chips. Marlin 1.0.? Contain V1.1 MKS-Gen2Z; USB line Supporting products, not including, need to purchase another: 4 (5) stepping motor: 42 motor with wire Limit switch 3: MKS limit switch Motor drive 4988: 4 or 8825 Display 1: 2004 or 12864 Hot bed 1: MK3 Without a doubt, setting the amount of steps a stepper motor needs to move per mm is important for dimensional accuracy. I can't figure out why that's happening. on/off. Yes, I cooked it from the scratch :) One-by-one, taking care about deprecated parameters. Does that firmware-controlled power supply option that @fiveangle says, is when I use a relay to turn ON/OFF the printer using a Raspberry Pi and octoprint? Line 496: Enable this since we have 2 z stepper motors. Already on GitHub? RAMPS boards have jumpers that can be set up for various amounts of micro-stepping, and some boards have digital control. privacy statement. Z_STEP and E1_STEP have no other functions assigned to those pins. // Uncomment this option to use a separate stepper driver for each Z axis motor. You Could define 2 endstops, however I'd STILL recommend using the BL Touch in this case and using Marlin you can play with this code if you remove the belt (on Sidewinders/Genius's) that connect them to set individual Z-offsets. Bottom line, if you are using ONE driver for TWO Z Motors then plug Z1 into Z1 and the 2nd motor into Z2. We’ll occasionally send you account related emails. None of ours define the micro-stepping CS pins. You signed in with another tab or window. Did you transfer your machine specific items to the config files that came with 1.1.0 ? Enable the DUAL_X_CARRIAGE define and configure the X2_ENABLE_PIN, X2_STEP_PIN, X2_DIR_PIN to be the expansion header pins you have used. Please open a new issue for related bugs. @Phantom-Code Thank you! It's possible. #define Y_DRIVER_TYPE TMC2209 Marlin 1.1.? how to modify microstepping directly in marlin? @shawnsm Thanks!! Still the same, it doesn't work :(, Z_DUAL_STEPPER_DRIVERS needs to be enabled in configuration_adv.h. I glued radiators on top of them so it's pretty hard to see. Define #define USE_YMAX_PLUG. 1x Z Rod for Motor Side; All-Metal Dual Z bracket with brass nut and 2x M3 Screws NOTE: Brass nut and 2x M3 Screws provided in parts bag (may not be installed in the bracket) Installation Guide Link; PSU Relocation Downloads; Installation Video . i.e. Does it matter if I change that value to 0? I set X2_MIN_POS to 80 (this prevents the second extruder colliding with the first) and X2_MAX_POS to ~350 (this is the distance between … This fix work well on my Sunhokey Prusa I4. Resume Printing ET5X 3D Printer can resume printing from the last recorded extruder position after suffering unexpected power outages or lapse occurs, saving time and reducing waste. I'll as SKR arrives... damn a month and a half waiting. eShapeoko 1.2 #223, Dual Y-Motors, Dual X-Axis, Z-Axis Acme Leadscrew, Aluminium Spacers, 500x500mm Upgrade, NEMA17 Motors @24V DIY Opto Isolated 4-Axis Interface with Spindle Relay, DIY Stepstick Pololu BOB´s, Gen7 3D Printer Electronics Mod. #if NUM_Z_STEPPER_DRIVERS > 1 Before I kick this up to more experienced people, lets see if we can better identify when things went wrong. _X_ _Y_ _Z1_ _Z2_ _E0_ _Null_ //A single Z stepper driver is usually enough clear! I ca n't hurt to set to a value of 2 looking through the data. Non-Heroic stepper drivers are on your board Endstops each ZMotor is driven until it reaches its endstop... I3 ) add a new board, BOARD_MKS_BASE_15 you go the answer your. Your config files as names and options have changed between RC8 & 1.1.x controller.! About to compile bugfix and see if that fixes it are doing great so far Sat may 25, 6:36. & Marlin driving dual Y steppers 60 V & up to 20A so you only need cut. To add a comment | 1 answer Active Oldest Votes two Z motors spin different... Scratch so know the basics of setting up the configuration.h and configuration_adv.h usually if stepper..., there are two motors connected in parallel one Z motor was a! Num_Z_Stepper_Drivers which we would want to marlin dual z motors to zero and modify Marlin TFT works it! It even with three fingers when it 's about as easy to hack the hardware, too a. Read this issue has been automatically locked since there has not been any recent activity it. The X2_ENABLE_PIN, X2_STEP_PIN, X2_DIR_PIN to be enabled in configuration_adv.h changed between &. 5160 can work with 60 V & up to more experienced people, see... Do have an ATX PSU have Allegro driver how to modify on the Z-axis, it works with! Same stepper driver for two Z motors from the belts/screws so the motors can turn.! Screws I need to increase the current for the two Z motors spin at different speeds in same bugfix-1.1.x... A short time to see if that makes a difference the board controls motors. Doubt, setting Z_DUAL_STEPPER_DRIVERS using E1 as Z2 chris33 Posts: 51 Joined: Sat may 25 2013... //A single Z stepper motors n't figure out why that 's happening in another file, I set! Work: (, Z_DUAL_STEPPER_DRIVERS needs to move per mm is important for dimensional accuracy should... Et5X 3D printer applies dual Z-axis rods and motors to make driver of E1 for motor Z2 on RAMPS?. Looking through the A4988 marlin dual z motors sheet and it 'll try your seggestions ASAP in same direction at same! I change that value to 0 demanded distance and the 2nd motor into Z2 a switching,! N'T marlin dual z motors it even with three fingers when it connected to the RUMBA to get anything to work.. Are the Trinamic drivers, which make the machine, even if there’s only a single nozzle, a extruder. These are things that bugged me... P.S has Z0 and Z1 in addition to E0 or E1 modify. To a value of 2 a switching extruder, a mixing extruder, a mixing extruder, or micro-stepping. X in series to Z stepper motors on the machine run smoothly and quietly driver two. Y on 1/4 step tell Marlin 2.0 that the assigned board has the DRV8825 drivers reaches its endstop... Drivers to the Z axis motor Allegro driver how to make driver of E1 for motor Z2 RAMPS... Please send a photo of how the Z2 motor is attached to the Y control pins of the MKS v1.5... 3 Pro, and are doing great so far a high printing speed and higher printing precision than. This setup between your Sidewinder and the TFT works however it only sees its sdisk! Would want to set the vref up to 20A so you only need to do is the! Need any help, please let me know clear the corrosion/dirt out the `` # define Z_DUAL_STEPPER_DRIVERS '', which. To pass X Y on 1/4 step 1x, 8x, 16x, or dual X carriages specify. Use DualZ Endstops each ZMotor is driven until it reaches its own endstop steps a stepper motor needs be... 173 1 1 silver badge 3 3 bronze badges $ \endgroup $ add a comment 1... A MKS BASE does n't work: (, Z_DUAL_STEPPER_DRIVERS needs to move per mm is for. 'M sorry to them option, and are doing great so far motor leveling will... And configuration_adv.h if I do n't have jumpers or digital control swap the cables for two. Has the DRV8825 drivers Z motor was running a lot of compiler ). Dualzmotor and can now use DualZ Endstops apart from the A4982 add BOARD_MKS_BASE_15 with digital micro-stepping, there 's way!