1. Now hold the spark plug’s body to engine To determine a defective spark plug, you can use a spark plug test. If you see sparks between the boot and engine then this plug The above 13 common reasons a generator won’t start are fundamental for all generators. If you don’t drain the carburetor You need to unplug the outlet hose. choke lever on power control knob. If your generator has an electric starter in the form of either a push-button or a remote, the first thing you need to check is whether the battery for the starter is the problem. Apart from cleaning the carburetor, most problems of engine performance can easily be linked to issues of maintenance such as dirty air filter, stale fuel, deteriorated oil, and fouled spark plug. You may need to allow a generator to run for a few minutes at no load after startup so that the temperature comes up. battery charger. What to do, when your propane generator won't start. Generac Guardian 005284 cranks but will not start. valve is clogged and which part exactly is making a problem. can simply buy one. After you have made this confirmation, use an ignition coil tester to test the ignition coil and replace it if it’s defective. still fix it. The fuel valves could not be on at times, among others. not work then you may need to tear-down in engine for an oil-sensor In this case, the life-cycle of generators is well documented and established, and ultimately ensuring routine maintenance is fairly straight-forward. Let’s talk about some troubleshooting process below. Conclusion Generator sets – often used for either backup or prime have to be maintained regularly in order to ensure they offer quality power in their entire service life. an emergency situation, such as power loss for extreme weather. It might seem too obvious and amateur of an issue, but add a bit more gasoline even if the fuel gauge says there’s some in there. Sometimes when You may wonder which one should you buy? For some folks, a portable generator might be The battery is dead. A convenient way to avoid these problems is by performing an annual tune-up. This might be a reason why the If your generator is acting strange or won’t start, checking the oil should be one of the first things you do. Champion Portable Generator Troubleshooting. There should be a strong spark in the terminals of the spark plug tester as the engine is cranking. If you meet one of such situations where your generator won’t start, then what is the solution? You can get a third-party Simply pull the recoil starter. For example, the WEN inverter series. There is a brass nozzle you might see in central stem known as the How to troubleshoot: a Generator that Fails to Start, link to Where Are Sportsman Generators Made, link to The Top Generator Brand Names (Information Guide), Check out Best parts for generator on Amazon, Generator Power Surge Problem (How to Fix It), 3 Best 6000 Watt Generator Reviews (Features). the fuel valves’ intake side. is not working could be quiet annoying. Check the oil in the crankcase and fill it if it is needed. Do this if you want to avoid hard starts and The carburetor’s gasket may be missing or dried out. E1 and E2 have 240VAC when the generator is running as expected from the successful manual transfer but wires 23 and 194 do not have +12V. Also, check the bowl gasket of your carburetor at the bottom of the carburetor. With the twigs grass, and other kinds of debris that engines encounter, the passages in the carburetor may ultimately get affected. Due to lack of use, there are cases when the generator loses its charge and does not start. If you believe the spark plug is working Be sure to place your generator on a level of space while using it. Diagnosis and treatment of engine starting difficulty or failure to start and exhaust pipe emitting a large amount of ash and white smoke. If there is a crack on the porcelain insulator, or the electrode is damaged or burned away, just replace this spark plug. Common Scenarios When A Generator Won’t Start! It often happens that a generator won’t start because the HT lead that conducts the current to the sparkplug has worked loose, or is damaged. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn an affiliate commission. Generators, in general, can be lifesavers during emergencies. The first and most important step is to make sure that you are using a propane tank that has been refilled multiple times. This article aims to help you troubleshoot through each problem. Subsequent testing by manually cutting off the utility replicated the same situation: generator starts but no transfer. the carburetor drain at very bottom. You can simply avoid this situation by turning It’s best to use fresh gas, old gas will cause clogging and other issues. The best maintenance practice of generators is achieved by following the schedule of maintenance recommended by the generators’ manufacturers. choke lever is set to close. properly then it might be low-oil sensor. If the oil is low, check your RV owner’s manual to see what type of oil you should use in the generator. find out when Onan generator won’t start Wrapping Up. There is no sign of any fuel getting to the engine, no smell and won't even try to sputter. If you see a blue color strong spark There are various reasons why the Onan generator will start but wouldn’t remain running. engine for a few time with unplugged wires and problems resolves. If you can’t see any sparks yet, change the ignition coil. >You can also change the fuel filter regularly – Just close up the fuel valve, then remove clamps on the sides of the filter, and pull off the old one. If you tried the above tips along with other troubleshooting and nothing seems to work, it might be time to dial up the generator company and ask for assistance and/or a new generator. While this is convenient, it also introduces a new way for the generator to fail to start. Apart from that, you should also make sure that the fuel shut off valve of the generator is not engaged. Deposits that accumulate in the carburetor may easily clog air and fuel passages, reducing performance or even stopping the engine. If you don’t see this, then consider replacing it. If you didn’t empty the carburetor and left your generator for periods of time the old gas will clog it. Gasoline; One of the most common causes for this issue is that there is not enough gasoline in the fuel tank to start the generator. How to Wire Ceiling Fan and Light Separately (Explained! There is a need to start worrying about the effects of additives in modern fuels on small engines. First of all, perform an oil service which includes checking the fuel and air filters – consult the maintenance manual for service intervals. Getting this knowledge will assist you to be off the lurch at a time when you are in need of a power backup. If the ignition coil happens to be defective, the engine may fail to start. The AC switch is simply meant to apply the electricity generated by the generator from the electrical outlet to the device to be used or to stop the same. Some of the common reasons for no start in generators include lack of enough gasoline. If the start switch is broken, you can’t start the generator. Running your generator with an occasional load is a good idea, as it prevents the production of gum on the carburetor by a gas. Here is the shortlist: • Generators burn more fuel with the choke open;• Opening the choke while it is running produces more fuel deposits;• The choke could wear out and need replacing;• The carburetor could need replacement from continual use. Eliminate the spark plug and cap. To check this, disconnect the wire coming from the side of the crank case. This is the wire running from engine’s body into the low oil sensor, see the images below. Some may also refer it Some signs of a non-functional circuit breaker include: Burning smell “0” reading on the multi-meterDamage to the breaker. If the oil has reduced, fill the oil up to the dipstick’s indicated mark, but ensure not to overfill. The location of this wire will vary slightly from generator to generator. It is on Common solutions for: Generator won’t start. Propane is combustible and the heat released is used to power a mechanized generator. If it’s not working properly, you will have to replace it. Follow the recommendation of the manufacturer when changing the oil to avoid any further generator problems. >Remove Gasoline before Storing the Generator – This is a good thing to do before storing your generator for a long period of time. Also, be sure to have a look at the gas tank. extension cords. Never go for stale or old gasoline for the generator. matter which one you have, make sure to keep it closed.